ABSolutely Low Risk Business Development

We are a new company focused on three things:
- Outsourced high tech sales driven by performance only compensation metrics 
- Case study and testimonial development, and to a lesser degree
- Project controls consultancy

We are looking for enthusiastic people wanting to make the leap from representing a single product line to being entrusted with the sales of a portfolio of complementary products.

We believe that you as a sales person can deliver much more value when you have a vested interest in seeking out the products and services you want to represent. ABS provides a framework within which to structure your client engagements and to share your trusted networks with others operating in a similar capacity.

If you are considering making the jump from being single product focused to representing the interests of a range of different vendors, THAT YOU CHOOSE TO WORK WITH please get in touch.

The Gig Economy is coming to high tech sales and it is truly liberating. Help us pave the way! 


It doesn't have to be  expensive to bring in new business. As the "Gig Economy" gains traction the days of the pricey full-time salaried salesman could be numbered.

The person representing your product should have a deep understanding of your market and your technology. Salespeople must be technically competent.

Establishing rapport starts with a common frame of reference. How good are your case studies and reference sites?Are your sales people true customer champions?

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